inspired by F*ck The Law of Attraction – Teal Swan

Love you! Thank you for existing Teal !

I am thinking about this for a very long time.
I’ve been feeling that the law of attraction is the new religion version!
I was thinking about the fact that ok …
– we are imatur, we are -as humanity- at a 2-3 year old, emotionally and psychological
– until now we were forced to belive we don’t have any power, like the atitude of a f*cked up parent towards it’s child
– the appearence of law of attraction is like suddentlly you throw away your abused child out of the house …
from the message ‘you are my toy, I made you to feel as a better person, a fulfilled human in the society! You are not alowed, you do not have any power, to do anything beside my will and God’s will – the god that is my friend, and the priests’s friend and that is watching to punish you if you do not obey.’

now the law of attraction comes with …
‘You are the broke think that projects all the suffering in you life and in the society! You are responsable, you are the reason God in f*cked up with you!’
It’s a very fine line …
like with the ideea of the quantum spirituality …
this is used also to harm people !
‘You are the observer that generated the wars ! It’s your fault people are getting killed by others, else they would not get killed in you life time!’ or the other concept that we are quantum co-creating as observers, and from my experience, this leads to ‘spiritist’ (aka spiritual people) hateing others, wishing for an apocalips that will kill all the people around them that they don’t co-create the reality they want. ‘

In my experience, all the spiritual people I’ve met, secretly wait and wish for an apocalipse when the God in their minds ( image of the God) will kill everything that is not according to what they want.

We need to learn collaboration people! Each one of us is with infinite value, even if you judge them as not.
we need to be aware that we use everything to blame !
We need to help each-other to grow, to mature, to that level that we are capable to take full responsability.


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