lecturi marina jacobi

Here is some helpful material in the order given to me. Please do not skip because you may get lost in the information. It must be taken step by step.

Movies: on You Tube Medical:

  1. THRIVE 2012… What on Earth Will it Take~ Full Movie
  2. Earthlings (full Doc for Education ) PS: animals
  3. Seeds of Death – Full Movie Ps: GMO
  4. Vaccines:TheToxicTruth
  5. The Quest for The Cures…Continues Episode 1: Modern Medicine and the Cancer Pandemic
  6. Run from the cure- The Rick Simpson Story (FULL)
  7. The Surprising Story Of Medical Marijuana and pediatric epilepsy / Josh


  8. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Full Movie Ps: this movie is for detox
  9. Reverse diabetes eating fully raw

10.SimplyRaw Reversing Diabetes in 30 days 11. Jim Humble MMS
12.Cancer Cure-Watch Now

Metaphysical and quantum information all On You Tube:
The holographic Universe (Part One) and (Part Two) Ps: fundamental

  1. Dolores Cannon Represents Moving to the New Earth
    Ps; please read all of her material Books: The convoluted Universe 1 of 4 books,

    The Custodians: by Dolores Cannon

  2. Relearning Reality- Nassim Haramein PS: this material is fundamental for

    your knowledge.


  3. Free Energy-Nuclear Engineer M.T Keshe
  4. Keshe 1 intro and gravity Ps: must watch fundamental (the structure of energy)
  5. Keshe 2 Matters of the Neutron
  6. Keshe 3 Nuclear decay and Motion
  7. Keshe 4 Fusion
  8. Keshe 5 Flight and creation of Light
  9. Ralph Ring Interview – Parts 1 and 2 PS: fundamental Mr. Ring was assisting

    OT Carr who was working with Nicola Tesla

10.Ralph Ring – John Searl – Jason Verbelli – Alternative Energies 11.Drunvalo Melchizedek Flower of Life Full Documentary Sacred Geometry

12.Gregg Braden- vibration
13. Sacred Knowledge of vibration and the power of the human emotion 14.Michael Tellinger: Ancient Technology and the Ubuntu movement 15. Bashar interviewed by Alan Steinfield of New Realities

Ps: this material is channeled by Daril Anka – Bashar is the most important teachings for the mechanical structure of the energy matrix. Please listen to all the You Tube videos and his web site is: http://www.bashar.org

16.Bashar in the spaceship over Sedona
17.New Realities Interviews Bashar and Darryl
18.Bashar 7 steps to Manifestation
19. Bashar changing frequency and parallel Reality
20.Bashar – Illuminati and The Parallel Reality
21. Bashar : how to center and stay on the leading edge
22. Bashar: Teleportation
23.Bashar on Ascension and the NWO
24. The new sacred geometry of Frank Chester, the chestahedron the wonder of


25.The A=432 Hz Chakra Tones Explained Jemie Buturff :


26.The Pleiadian Connection
27.Nick Barrett: Lucid Dreaming Conference- Gathering of Minds (Part 1 of 2)

28. How to have Many Lucid Drams ( the easy way) 29.Bruce Cathie- The Harmonic Code Part 1 30.Bruce Cathie Lecture part 1


1. The Convoluted Universe 1 of 4 books by: Dolores Cannon
2. The Custodians: by Dolores Cannon
3. Life and teaching of the masters of the far east (volume 1 of 6 )
( Ps: please read these books after the information from Nassim Haramein.

And may I give you a hint: please replace in your mind the word God with Energy of the matrix and see what happens. Happy decoding. 🙂

4.The Book of Knowledge: The keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak
Ps: high end metaphysical channeling and formation from the higher order of dimensions.

5.A New Home
Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension book 1

by Suzanne Lie.
6. Life on the mother ship

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension book 2

by Suzanne Lie 7. The Landing Party

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension book 3

by Suzanne Lie 8. It is the Now

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension book 4

by Suzanne Lie
(Ps: the four books by Suzanne Lie are fundamental for the people that are channeling and receiving teaching for existence at the same time in multiple realities and the process of the Ascension.)

9. A new sacred geometry
The art and Science of Frank Chester By Seth T. Miller


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